Asphalt "under a slab, we all rot" cassette

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Asphalt "under a slab, we all rot" cassette

Asphalt is project created by T.A.S. in 2023. The members of Asphalt are T.A.S. and M.S.W.
If you have a fever and you think the only cure is heavy fucking riffs and war drums then this project should heal you right up.

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During the last six months of 2023, Asphalt finished and released three e.p.'s. The first e.p. was released by Riff Merchant records that year.
This is a combination of all three e.p.s with a main focus on e.p.'s 2 and 3.
This is a full length album...
There is no download card with the tapes because the songs are free on bandcamp!